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Catch the Giveaway Fever, as a Partner or Visitor
Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in these Big Events
JV Giveaways
If you've ever participated in a Giveaway Event - as a visitor or as a partner - you know how fun and exciting this activity can be. It's like a wild carnival in cyberland where you can gawk at flashy exhibits and grab tons of cool free stuff, then spend many days afterward checking out all the awesome surprises you downloaded. Sure, there might be a few junky items in there, but most of your freebies will be amazing, valuable offerings that you could have found nowhere else. [more]

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (1883-1970)
Commentary by Tom Butler-Bowden from 50 Success Classics

Think and Grow RichIn our culture, any book with the words 'rich' or 'success' in the title has a better than average chance of selling well; money and external achievement are basic to our time, as rank and honour were to the Middle Ages. A compelling title might explain initial rushes to buy a book, but in the last 60 years, the world has bought over 15 million copies of Think and Grow Rich. Why?

Hill refused to accept that success was the domain of luck or background or the gods, and wanted to provide a concrete plan for success that depended entirely on us. The book also sold because it was not simply Hill's dreamed-up ideas, but a distillation of the success secrets of hundreds of America's most successful men...

Brilliant Idea or Colossal Waste of Time?
Swarms of Traffic & Tons of Cash - Just Set it & Forget It. REALLY?
Set 'n' Forget Traffic-Cash System
In this book, an experienced marketer intends to convince us that the MMO/Biz Opps niche was, is, and always will be the best niche ever, and he can prove it. Okay, I'm game. Let's check this out and see if he can persuade us. There is no author's name on this book so you are free to pretend it's yours. It was written by Stuart Stirling who is heavily promoting his innovative "Traffic-Cash system." Stirling is an Australian based in Fukushima, Japan, and he sometimes refers to himself as Stu Sensei - which means "master" or "teacher" in Japanese. [more]

Mike Rasmussen's Legendary Free Mini-Site Video Series
His Affilates Got Lots of Pre-Written Promo Material
and Graphics
MiniSiteProfits Exposed
I joined the "Mini-Site Profits Exposed" Affiliates progam and was amazed at all the stuff this talented maniac had created to promote his site. Here's what he said about this "Blog Review," which I formatted for my own website: "You can post this pre-written product review on your blog. Everything is written so that it seems like it's coming from you. All you have to do is 'copy and paste' the message onto your blog." [more]

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