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Review: Set & Forget Traffic-Cash System

Brilliant Idea or Colossal Waste of Time?
Swarms of Traffic & Tons of Cash - Just Set it & Forget It.

In this book, an experienced marketer intends to convince us that the MMO/Biz Opps niche was, is, and always will be the best niche ever, and he can prove it. Okay, I'm game. Let's check this out and see if he can persuade us.

Set n Forget Traffic-Cash System

"Set 'n' Forget Traffic-Cash System"
The Ultimate Viral PDF For Floods Of Hands-Free Traffic & Cash!

AUTHOR: Stu Stirling,
CREATED: August 2011
RIGHTS: "You Have Free Re-Branding And Giveaway Rights To This Ebook!"

There is no author's name on this book so you are free to pretend it's yours. It was written by Stuart Stirling who is heavily promoting his innovative "Traffic-Cash system." Stirling is an Australian based in Fukushima, Japan, and he sometimes refers to himself as Stu Sensei - which means "master" or "teacher" in Japanese.

The Set & Forget Traffic-Cash System is one of those rebrandable viral PDFs that is designed to make plenty of money when you distribute it to as many people as possible, but first you need to reset it with your own affiliate ID codes. Stu insists that if you follow his carefully explained steps and sign up at four websites, you will generate "swarms of viral, auto-pilot traffic" and make "tons of money." Keep in mind, "tons of money" might be a slight exaggeration even if you're only weighing all the pennies.

Right at the beginning we are told:

• In This Ebook You're Going To Discover...
The One "Evergreen" Niche You Can't Fail With
The Checklist For Choosing The 'Perfect' Offer
The Best Free Viral Advertising Websites
How To Set Up A Viral Traffic Cycle
How You Can Build 4 Downlines At Once Using This
Free Ebook (hint: free rebranding rights!)
How To Make Piles Of Easy Cash Commissions
And Much More!

I must admit, I had to read this entire book a couple of times. I couldn't comprehend it clearly on the first attempt because my head was spinning with all the happy speak & motivational talk he was hurling at me.

Finally I figured out that this is a scheme to get you to sign up at four advertising exchange sites, and then use their four referral IDs to promote each site to each of the other sites. This will earn multiple commission downlines from everybody who signs up thru your IDs.

You are urged to download this PDF,
SetnForget, and rebrand it at Stirling's site, insert your IDs, then blast the PDF into the vast ocean of the internet and hope it pays off for you. Will it? Can this system do everything it claims? I don't know yet. Just try it and see.

SAMPLE OF "Set & Forget Traffic & Cash System" (Pages 5 & 6)

The MMO (make money online/biz opp) niche is bigger now than it ever was and is showing no signs of slowing down. It is one of the biggest, most hungry markets you'll ever find.

You may already know that and you may already have your own website or offer that you're promoting as an affiliate. If so, great. Hopefully it's a hot offer that converts.

If not, you'll want to find better ones so keep reading to find out how to locate the 'perfect offers' to promote.

But first, let me tell you WHY the MMO/Biz Opp niche is so lucrative.

You've probably heard or been affected directly by this global financial crisis. People losing jobs, homes, possessions. Big companies collapsing. It's not pretty.

People all around the world are getting more and more desperate for money now than ever before, so where do they turn? They turn to the internet to find ways of making extra cash. With more and more people coming online with dreams of internet millions, you are in the perfect position to help them get there and get paid nicely for doing so.

The next reason is that there is just a massive abundance of great offers to promote. The big name marketers spend huge bucks on creating products and offers that convert. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of offers that don't convert at all and most internet marketers seem to choose them, that's why so many fail.

The key is to find a hot offer and promote it hard. You already know that the market is hot so making sales is not hard, you just need to promote hot offers!

Don't worry though, because I'll show you a few high-converting offers you may want to promote in the next step.

The next big reason to promote MMO offers is that there are so many cool places to advertise them without having to rely on SEO or a lot of hard work or big advertising costs.

You probably already know that traffic is the other magic ingredient for making money online next to a killer offer. That's why you downloaded this ebook :)

Here is part of the follow-up email after you get the book:

Subject: Grady, the secret is in sharing the PDF

Hi Grady,

Thanks once again for downloading and re-branding the viral "Set 'n' forget traffic-cash system" PDF.

You'll notice that you can build 4 downlines with that PDF.. all you need to do is give it away.

And you can make money with it!

I told you some ways to share it on the website and inside the report itself...
* Send it out to your subscribers and customers as a free gift
* Post a link to your branded copy on your blog
* Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
* Send it to your Viral URL downline
* Add it to traffic exchanges like Top Surfer
* Buy a solo ad at Top Surfer and send your report to them
* Add it as a bonus to other free products you give away (or sell)
* Link to your viral pdf from your "thank you" pages
* Link to it in your email and forum signatures
* Make a short video about it and post it on Youtube

But maybe the best way is to use the "landing page" that I included as a free download...

To your success,
Stu Sensei

Stirling certainly has his marketing mojo working at a fever pitch here. The skill of a marketer, of course, comes from trumpeting all the wonderfully glorious potential positives, and carefully hushing up about any of the grim negative realities.

While the websites he recommends will certainly generate traffic for you, it is all merely junk traffic. Nobody on these sites really looks at the landing pages they click onto - they are just racking up numbers because that's what they must do in order to get others to do the same for them. Sure, your statistics will show a big boost in your traffic, but none of it will be from interested visitors.

That's the big bummer here: Nothing much will come from all your efforts... except very very rarely, and that is the allure of the brutal numbers game that's being played out here.

If you create a decently growing downline of thousands of folks who have joined these sites thru your referral ID, a small fraction of these people might make some money for you. If it's a big enough fraction, maybe you'll think it was worthwhile. Some of us will be entertained while doing this, but others of us might feel duped.

Oh well, what now? Should we give it a chance? Do you think this Stu Sensei guy can be trusted?

Maybe. I like Stirling's enthusiastic way of writing, with lots of exclamation points and power words. He really knows how to whip up the excitement. Plus, the emails in his autoresponder series are short, sweet and quite informative, and his blog,, is well worth visiting.

You can read his comments about
the big March 2011 Fukushima earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown here: 13 Days After the Earthquake

Stu Stirling is the only marketer I've seen who always includes this unique disclosure with his ebooks and emails:

"You should assume that the publisher of this ebook has an affiliated relationship and/or another material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned in this publication and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. Translation: I will get a commission if you click on a link in this email and you buy the product listed. I know, it's obvious, but I want you to be an informed buyer!"

That unexpected display of honesty ought to earn him some goodwill. Okay, I give in. Stirling is certainly a great salesman and he has achieved his goal of getting me to say, "What the hell, it's worth a try." So I expect I will go forth and rebrand this thing, and join those four viral sites. Then we'll see what happens.

You can do the same if you choose, and please let me know how it worked out. I'd love to hear from you.

One more thing... I know, it's obvious, but I want you to be an informed buyer: I'm here to make money, too.

You can get the PDF here: Set & Forget Traffic-Cash System

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Below is the suggested set up that appears in this book... You will need to change it:

Here's an example way to set it all up:
1. Advertise your Viral URL referral link on Program Hoppers
2. Advertise your Program Hoppers referral link on Leads Leap
3. Advertise your Leads Leap referral link on Top Surfer**
4. Advertise your Top Surfer referral link on Viral URL downline

**In step 2 above, you will not be able to advertise LeadsLeap on TopSurfer because "The site has been BANNED on TopSurfer." I guess they were getting overloaded with people following Stuart's example.

Instead, you can do it this way:
1. Advertise your TopSurfer referral link on Program Hoppers
2. Advertise your Program Hoppers referral link on LeadsLeap

3. Advertise your LeadsLeap referral link on your ViralURL downline
4. Advertise your ViralURL
referral link on TopSurfer

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