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Review: JV Giveaways Unleashed

Catch the Giveaway Fever, as a Partner or Visitor
Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in these Big Events

If you've ever participated in a Giveaway Event - as a visitor or as a partner - you know how fun and exciting this activity can be. It's like a wild carnival in cyberland where you can gawk at flashy exhibits and grab tons of cool free stuff, then spend many days afterward checking out all the awesome surprises you downloaded. Sure, there might be a few junky items in there, but most of your freebies will be amazing, valuable offerings that you could have found nowhere else.

JV Giveaways

"JV Giveaways Unleashed"
List Building With The Big Boys

AUTHOR: JT Martin,

CREATED: July 2009
RIGHTS: Master Resell Rights (Unannounced Special Bonus) "You can give it away for Free or Sell it and keep 100% of the profits. You may NOT alter
the content or change it in any way. It must be given away or sold as is."

"JV Giveaways Unleashed" tells you absolutely everything you need to know about this phenomenon, written by JT Martin, a self appointed expert in this strange and frenetic internet marketing subculture.

Even tho it's Martin's first ebook, this is a worthy and impressive accomplishment. He tells us (at the time of writing) that he has a regular job but expects to give it up for a full-time IM career before the end of the year. This book is easy to read and covers the topic of giveaway events very thoroughly. It explains how this is the quickest, most effective method for building a big list of hot subscribers. I know that's true because I've partnered in some of these events myself and they always create a jaw-dropping, slam-bang response.

JT Martin clearly and energetically describes...
• how a JV Giveaway Event works, calling them a BIG version of an ad swap
how this method cleverly uses other marketer's subscribers to make new subscribers for YOU
how you can qualify as a Giveaway partner
how you can make - or get - high quality gifts to attract new subscribers
how to prepare your offering for the event and where to go for high-qualilty images, links, etc.
how to set up your opt-in landing page, and he provides a link to a free site template pack
how to set up your visitors' Thank You page
how to make money from your freebie by using OTOs

Tho giveaway events are mostly conducted by long-time professionals, JT explains how newbies can get in on the act so they can start building a healthy email list for future profits. He also describes how autoresponders work and why they are so critically important to the success of any internet marketer. There is also a link to his free and useful "Giveaway Cheat Sheet" that you can get right here > Cheat Sheet.

"JV Giveaways Unleashed" is full of tips, suggestions and resources, as well as advice on how to find giveaway events that you can participate in. Of course, this ebook serves as a free gift that he can offer for his next giveaway event, but it is also an effective promo for his other endeavors. He has instruction videos, a blog, other digital products, and will be hosting his own giveaway events. JT Martin's energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and I wish him the best of luck with his budding IM career. I hope he can kiss his real job goodbye very soon. Hopefully, he already has...

SAMPLE FROM JT Martin's "JV Giveaways Unleashed" (Pages 4 & 5)

I mentioned before that I have been doing this for 4 years. The first 2 years were an absolute disaster. I was a program hopper. I joined every “get rich fast” program that came down the pipe and ended up spending a bunch of money that I didn't have.

I decided to go to some live Internet Marketing events hoping to meet some of the big time gurus and basically find out what I was doing wrong. I went to several events and kept hearing the same thing over and over again.

“What are you doing to build your list?”, “How big is your List?”, “Are you building a list?”, “Who is your mentor?”, “Who is your coach?”, “Do you have a mentor?”, “Are you in a coaching program?”

It was obvious to me what I needed to do. I started building my list with the Traffic Hits Multiplier system and managed to add 100 subscribers in a months time. Nothing fantastic but at least I was doing it.

The mentoring was a different story. Big time gurus want thousands of dollars for coaching. I simply did not have the money. I continued to look and eventually ran across Alex Jeffreys coaching via an email from Mike Filsaime.

Alex is one of Mike's star students who graduated from Mike's program and went on to build an online business that generates $20,000 a month. This sounded like a good coach to me and since it was Alex's first coaching program the price was right.

Fast forward to 2 months later and...

• My list is quickly approaching the 1000 subscriber bench mark.

• I have just written my first ebook (this one!) which is going to increase my list significantly.

• My blog has gone from a ghost town, to a well traveled internet watering hole.

Very soon, I am going to put the list building on steroids by hosting my own JV Giveaway event along with 3 of my fellow students from Alex Jeffreys coaching program. I also have plans for more ebooks and videos, but you know what the most important thing is?

That I actually have a plan! Not just an idea but a step by step plan on paper.

Nicely done, JT. More IM power to you.

"JV Giveaways Unleashed" contains all the knowledge you need to participate in a JV Giveaway as a contributor, instead of as a member. Giveaways are great for getting lots of free software and ebooks, but you are missing out on a trememdous list building opportunity if you don't participate as a contributor.

Now I know that you may not have anything to contribute as a gift. Well you do now: I have included Master Resell and Giveaway rights to JV Giveaways Unleashed as an extra bonus to help you get started building your list. List building is the most important part of creating an online business, especially at the beginning.

I invite you to download his excellent book for free right here:
JV Giveaways Unleashed


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